Thursday, September 12, 2013


   The modern day Palomino Horse has a legacy to follow and a promise to fulfill. This golden horse, who was the choice of ancient emperors, kings and queens, the beloved steed in Greek mythology, the subject of artists' canvas, the pride of Queen Isabella's Spanish court, the treasured mount of ancient tribes and companion of the Conquistadors, is still with us today. He was tamed by the Indians of the Southwest, rediscovered by today's horse lover, made a star on the "Silver Screen" and exhibited at horse shows throughout the world. Palomino horses are found among the finest bloodlines of breeds; their appeal is international.
    It was Queen Isabella from Spain who the Native American people can thank for bringing the Palomino to North America. So enraptured by its golden beauty, she wanted the horses to live on and breed and spread throughout the new lands discovered through her financed expeditions. Back then, the area was in what is now Mexico. From there, Palomino horses started to make appearances in what are now Texas as well as all throughout the southwestern part of the United States.
   It is because of bringing these Palomino horses from Spain to the United States that Native Americans began owning horses. They caught them in the wild and tamed them. The horses helped the natives with various aspects of their lives. They could hunt more effectively on horseback. The natives could travel more quickly, following the buffalo herds and avoiding harsh seasonal changes. The horses also helped the natives during war time.
   Palomino horses are often pictured as a golden color with a white colored mane and tail. In fact, Palomino horses can vary in color, from a light gold color all the way to a dark golden shade. In order to qualify as a Palomino, the main and tail must be a shade of white, ivory or even some silver tones.
    These days you can find Palomino horses in different settings from jumping competitions to ranching to rodeos. They can also be found in racing venues and even in Hollywood! One thing is the same no matter what: the Palomino horses are an attractive and sturdy and can be used within a number of venues.